Do you love erotic romance? Do you like talking about books you love (or even just like)? Have you ever posted a book review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble? Maybe you have a book blog? Do you like getting inside info on upcoming releases and books an author is writing? Then this may be for you!

I am looking to build a small army of book lovers who happen to like what I write. You can take part in this endeavor in two different ways (or both!) all depending on what you prefer.

Review, Review, Review!

I am looking for anyone who currently writes reviews online or would like to give it a try. A blog is not required! The deal is this. I will provide you with a free copy of one of my new releases and you simply post a FAIR AND HONEST review (that means if you thought the book sucked you should say so–as nicely as possible) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks. The reviews need not be elaborate, no need to summarize the plot, etc. Say what you might to a friend if you were making a recommendation about the book. Say what you did or didn’t like and why in a few lines and your done! No blog review site required and no experience necessary.

Once you post your reviews drop me an email (I’ll tell you where) letting me know you posted them–no need to include a link, just say that you did it–then you will be automatically included the next time I have a book come out (assuming you want to be). So on, and so forth in a vicious harmonious cycle. Assuming this works well for all of us, I will keep doing this. The point here is to generate interest in my books through reviews–good and bad.

Talk, Talk, Talk!

Talk about my books on-line and in person wherever and whenever works for you! Are you a big Twitter fan? Then tweet about me and the books I write. More of a Facebook kind of girl? Great! Is Pintrest your obsession? Awesome! Repin my covers and give me a shout out. Hang out on GoodReads? Start a group about my books or books like mine in general. Join other groups and talk about me there.


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