Beth Torrence sat back in the aerodynamic Herman Miller task chair. It was one a.m. and her screen looked fuzzy around the edges. Guess I should call it a night, she thought. She reached up to switch her screen off, but an email notification popped up. It was from Soul Mates Dating service. Beth’s gut clenched. Damn, she had just turned her paperwork in the day before.

Her hand shook, but she opened the email and read.

Dear Ms. Torrence,
I am delighted to tell you that your date has been arranged for two days from now. You will arrive at the Golden Mustang Dude Ranch midmorning, settle in, and maybe go for a horseback ride if you so desire. Your date will join you in your room at sunset. Room service will be at your disposal or, if you prefer, you may go to the dining room to eat. Enjoy and remember to make the most of this chance.
Selena Markam
President and CEO
Soul Mates Dating

“Deep breaths. I can do this.” Beth shut her computer down and headed home to try and get some sleep. She set the alarm code for the office and walked out of Torrence Advertising. After busting her ass for six years building her business from nothing, she deserved this treat for herself. Soul Mates Dating was the most exclusive dating service around. If Beth hadn’t had a client recommend it she would have ended up signing up for one of those cheesy dating sites online. Granted, she had filled in the paperwork at the urging of Sarah, her best friend, after they
were halfway through the second bottle of wine on an epic girl’s night; but deep down, she wanted this. It was time to see if she could date a man without comparing him to the one she had walked away from.

Chance Rogers could have been the best thing that ever happened to her, but she’d been too focused on her dream of becoming an advertising executive. The sparks that had flared between them and the sex that followed had scared the crap out of her because, for a brief moment, she could see herself settling down and forgetting her lifelong dream. She could see herself becoming her mother, who had given up everything only to be betrayed by a man who supposedly loved her.

History would not repeat itself, not with her.

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