The One Night With A Cowboy series is a set of short stories linked by cowboys and Soul Mates Dating Service, a dating service with an uncanny ability to match up soul mates. These sizzling little treats are perfect for a quick hot read.

Note: The series received new covers on April 19, 2015. The content of the stories has not changed.

THC_2015_Final_1600x2500Taking Her Chance
Book 1, One Night With A Cowboy
Amour Press
Release Date: May 2012


Elizabeth Torrence spent the last nine years establishing her career and then building her advertising business from the ground up. The problem is to do that she had to walk away from the one man who could have been the one.

Chance Rogers, a star bull rider on the pro circuit had met the girl he wanted to marry back when he was scampering to rodeos between classes at the University of Texas. After only one date she refused to see him again. One failed marriage later, he is finally ready to try again. So he turns to a dating service to help him get back in to the swing of things.

When Chance walks into the room at the Golden Mustang Dude Ranch, Beth is determined that history will not repeat itself. Not hers and not her mother’s. But will she take her Chance or lose him again?

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CHC_2015_Final_1600x2500Claiming His Cowgirl
Book 2, One Night With A Cowboy
Amour Press
Release Date: November 2013

Cassie Truhart is too busy with life and the Golden Mustang Dude Ranch to worry about love. Especially since her fiancé dumped her for an easier life in the city. Elbow deep in horseshit, she never expects to meet a man capable of commanding not only her attention, but possibly her love.

Trent Jones agreed to a blind date to appease his pesky younger sister. He had no expectation of finding a woman that would rouse every dominant instinct he possessed, much less love. Good thing his real date cancelled at the last minute.

As Cassie and Trent indulge their strong sexual attraction, he must discover if one night with a cowboy is long enough for him to claim his cowgirl.

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ACCW_2015_Final_1600x2500A Cowboy’s Christmas Wish
Book 3, One Night With A Cowboy
Amour Press
Release Date: November 2015

When rancher Ford Grayson saunters out of Melissa Adams’ past and into her bar, she’s determined to take him for a ride and kick him to the curb. Payback’s a bitch. But, the cowboy is determined to make his very own Christmas wish come true.

Note: A Cowboy’s Christmas Wish was first released in a limited time only anthology, Hot Holiday Treats.


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RHC_Final (1600x2500)Roping His Cowboy
Book 4, One Night With A Cowboy
Amour Press
Release Date: November 2015

Brig and Shane are long time roping partners and best friends. Brig has dreamed of getting his straight friend naked, though he’d never act on his fantasy for fear of losing his closest buddy.

Ever since Shane caught Brig with a roommate in college, his sexual fantasies have starred his best friend and not women. Desire and need are starting to trump the fear that has kept him quiet for so long.

After a triumphant win that puts them back on the road to nationals, a drunken kiss changes everything. Now the only question is, can Shane snag the cowboy of his heart or will he get away?


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ONWAC2016 (1778x2500)One Night With A Cowboy (Books 1-4)
Amour Press
Release Date: January 2016

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Stealing His Cowgirl’s Heart
Book 5, One Night With A Cowboy
Amour Press
Orig Release Date: February 2016
Re-release Date: June 2017

Mary Jane Fullerton had spent the last ten Valentine’s Days alone. No man ever measured up to the cowboy of her heart who left her and joined the military. The time had come to make a change. She needed a date, and she didn’t have time to sift through the local cowboy population.

Nathanial Keller joined the Navy after He found himself in trouble with the law. The only problem was he had to leave behind the one good thing in his life. Ashamed of why he had to leave, and struggling to adjust to life without her, he never contacted MJ after leaving.

Now he’s been sent home on medical leave to recuperate, and fate steps in to give the pair a second chance at romance and happily ever after. But can the Seal steal his Cowgirl’s heart, again?


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