Bullet Journaling. I’d never heard of it, but apparently it’s been around for a while. And while many people are super fancy and artistic about this, I am not. Just not my skill set.

So today Iam sharing with you what I have done so far with my more minimal version. But first, here are some links to the BuJo experts…


Bullet Journal – You Tube (for you visual types)

Life Hacker

Tiny Ray of Sunshine’s Guide

There, now you get get the skinny from people who have mastered this business. Now, on to my journal. Once I figured out you don’t have to go crazy with the embellishments the concept really clicked for me. I was going to start small with just a BuJo for work when I quickly realized why it was real a whole life planner. So, I found an old blank journal I had and got started building my life-sized planner. below are the pages I’ve started with. As I need to add things I will.


Some things that have occured to me as I built my planner.

  1. I need some better quality pens that don’t smear
  2. I’ve seen some journals with a dot like grid, I think those would work better than lined, grids, or blank
  3. I might like a slightly smaller sized planner than the one I’m using

I’m curious if anyone else has been doing this a while or is getting started and has any great ideas for spreads or collections?

Sorcha’s Speculations #2 – #BuJo
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