Speculation – the contemplation or consideration of some subject (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/speculation)

So, while nobody really reads this blog, I will still feel free to use it as both a point of information distribution and a kind of jourrnal wherein I speculate on things as I see fit. As a courtesy, I will label such posts accordingly so you, dear reader, will not be forced to rummage through my ruminations if you do not wish to.

As anyone who has followed me on Instagram or Facebook will know, Ihave been undergoing a remodel/addition of my house. While a good change, it is still a very stressful one. We broke ground around the end of August and are now moved in and working on the last of the detail things. In those four months I have not written anything and I barely managed to get a deep edit of His Hand Me Down Countess, the first book in a new series, accomplished. I am working through beta reader comments now, trying to sew things up, and I tell you it feels like I am eeking out time in twenty minute increments.

I can’t wait to get back to more consistent blocks of writing time. But that still seems to be a bit away. As I write this, we have just found out our older cat Buster (a.k.a #SexyCat) is not in the best of health. He is seriously under weight, which had become obvious, and the doctor is wanting to do bloodwork to confirm he has a thyroid issue. But first she is giving us two weeks to fatten him up if we can. Fingers crossed we can get his weight up with lots of protein!

Along with the house reno, my kitchen was dismantled and put back together again. While that happened we had to eat out all the time which required keeping it pretty cheap. Needless to say, some poor eating choices were made along the way. And so I am currently at my heaviest weight to date. Pretty depressing thought, but in some ways motivating. I am trying to get back to working out again regularly, and I am trying to eat healthier again. I am looking to make some long term changes, not just flash diet. Of course, that means this will be a long slow process.

Tuesday morning I weighed in at 220lbs, granted I also started my monthly time then (a.k.a #sharkweek) so I am contributing some of the extra weight to that. I did manage to work out three times this week so far and had intended to get up today and either work out or paint the bathroom. DH managed to derail both plans as usual…he might be my worst enemy when it comes to getting healthy. That said, at some point I have to take responsibility for letting him interfere. Afterall, I am the one with the lack of will power.

In case you wondered, discipline is not my strong suit. Sure I can write a whole book. But I love telling stories. I do not love getting up early to work out. Or working out at all. At any time of day. Also, I do not love skipping cookies and cakes. And soda. Seriously, I love junk food. So, getting healthy is pretty onerous for me, but I want to look and feel better.

All in all, the new year is off to an okay start. I have some work ahead of me both personally and professionally. But I have to say, I think 2017 is going to be a good year. At the very least I am optimistic and hope to stay that way.

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