So I am not posting as regularly as I had hoped to. I’ll get better. Maybe. However, I am still on track despite some “obstacles”.
Of course holidays are tough, there was no skipping on cherry pie. Come on. And unfortunately I was the primary eater of said pie. But it was good.

Holidays often, at my house anyway, include alcohol. I’m really cutting back on my mid week and even weekend drinking. It’s almost non-existent. But for the fourth, drinks were had. I made better choices. No beer. Stuck with wine spritzers made with club soda and fresh limes. So could have been worse.

My knee. Things are generally improving. I did buy a good knee brace and I feel like it is really helping support the knee. I am still only doing floor based exercises but I’ve graduated up to pilaties. Yay!

All in all I am physically chugging away, and I am down to 206 as of this morning. So self-high-five for progress! 

Mentally I’ve been lazy. I’ll get to it, I promise. But in due time. For now it just feels good to feel a little better. Healthier. 

A Better Me: #2
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