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I am starting this post series as a way of staying accountable and to share my journey. Maybe down the road it will inspire someone to find their better self. And that is the point of all this. I am done feeling bad about how I look in the clothes I own. I’m done dealing with the health impacts of being overweight and out of shape.

I am tired of quitting.

Finding a better me is about putting better things in so that I get better things out. And I fully intend to make this about more than just diet and excercise. This is going to be a spiritual journey of sorts.

I work with a guy who took two months off to travel India and Tibet, and now he’s taking a leave of absence to go live in the woods and work on a friends cabin. He has inspired me to look within as well. So while I can’t pack up and go chill in the woods because really, my husband would freak the hell out. I can take some time and look within. Who am I? Am I the me I want to be? What do I really believe about life, God, my purpose?

So, as of today I am heading on this journey, and you are invited to come along.

My first step is to asses my physical well being. The stats aren’t great, but they aren’t terrible either.

Weight: 212lbs
Arms: (L) 14.75″ (R) 14.25″
Legs: (L) 29.5″ (R) 29.25″
Calves: (L) 17.5″ (R) 17.25″
Waist: 43″
Hips: 49.25″
Bust: 42.5″

Health Issues:

  • Left leg is swollen above the knee…pretty sure I tried too advanced of a workout and over did it. But note I am monitoring this closely.
  • Right knee is shot. very little cartilidge left from years of injury.
  • Acid reflux is manageable, but treading into persistent territory.
  • I’m tired. Constantly. No energy to speak of.


Yeah. I have a serious sweet-tooth and 0 will power to go with it. Isn’t that how it always goes? Anyway, last year I tried the 21-Day Fix, and I have to say it works. I love it. But remember that too advanced workout I mentioned? Yeah, well I think Ineed to jumpstart the weight-loss with diet before I give the videos another whirl.

Mental Health:

Other than the occasional bout of mild depression…so mild most people would think I was being silly. But I am generally a pretty upbeat person. So even a little down is unsettling for me.

I have a lot on my mind. I’ve got a lot going on at work. I’m the sole breadwinner in my household. I lost my dad this past year. I have no relationship with my sister. And, I–despite being a very outgoing person–do not have many close friends. These are all topics I will explore and consider on my journey, because I intend to be honest and open as I explore things. And maybe, by examining some of these things I can be a better me.

The Plan:

So, my plan is to use The 21-Day Fix eating plan…I like it. It worked for me. I wasn’t hungy on the fix. Then I’m going to start out with some low-impact floor based exercises until I can assess where I am with my knee/leg. Once I feel like things are on track I’m going to try some low impact cardio and walking. I’m also going to blog here periodically as I consider my spiritual topics. Of course some things are too personal to share, but I think a lot of the journey will be fair game.

The Goals:

I don’t want to set crazy goals. I don’t want to insta-fail. So my first incremental goal is to loose 15lbs. Breaking the 200lb barrier is a solid first goal or me as far as health and exrecise. My spiritual/mental goal is simply going to be to post once a week on any topic that takes my fancy.

Welcome to my journey to A Better Me!


Welcome To A Better Me
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  • June 13, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    We share a lot of the same issues. I am feeling the same as well – tired and just want to be healthy. all the best.

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