I am new to writing erotic romance. I have read romance for years, but in the last few I have expanded officially into erotic romance as a reader. As a writer, I am brand-spanking new (*snicker*). I must say, I am really enjoying writing it. The real question will be does anyone want to read it?

On the third Monday of the month I will be joining the Excerpt Monday fun and give you a taste of some of my very raw writing. I look forward to comments and feedback when that post comes (that’s this Monday!).

Why? Why am I writing Erotic Romance? Well…because sex is an important and natural extension of a relationship between two people. Of course there must be more, and that should be shown; but the sex is important too. Sometimes it even precedes the rest of the connection.

There is something to be said for a driving lust that draws two people together for them to later discover how much they really have in common. How much they truly share on an emotional and intellectual level.

For me, it doesn’t really matter what order this happens in, just that both sides of the coin are shown in the story. My current novella actually shows a simultaneous development…but more on that later. 😀

As a reader, do you have a preference for which order these things happen in? Should the emotional connection come first, or is it okay to get down and dirty and then find out you really like each other?

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Sex Now or Later?
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